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Hola beautiful people! In the natural hair community it is very easy to accumulate a large stock of natural hair products. Maybe you hear people mention a cool new product and now you want to go out and give it a try as well. It can be very difficult to select the best products to use in your natural hair. Trust me, I know…in the beginning of my natural hair journey I was that girl running out to Target, Rite Aid, CVS, even online shopping in search of the perfect products to get my hair healthy and have the beautiful curls that stay popping, lol

Were you like me? If you just started on your natural hair journey, have you noticed that you are doing the same?

In this video, I will show you my top favorite products for my natural hair.

‣Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo
‣Shea moisture Coconut & hibiscus curl & shine shampoo
‣Aussie Moist Conditioner
‣As I AM Leave In conditioner
‣As I AM coconut cleansing cowash
‣Shea moisture super fruit complex hair masque
‣Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie
‣Shea moisture style milk
‣Camille Rose naturals curl love moisture milk
‣Camille Rose Naturals curlaide moisture butter
‣Creme of Nature Hair Mousse with Argan Oil
‣ORS hair mayonnaise
‣Natural Oils
Extra virgin coconut oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Almond oil
Argan oil
‣Eco styler gel olive oil
‣CURLS Passion Fruit curl control paste
‣Creme of Nature Perfect Edges

Please share your thoughts. Thank you so much for watching!! 🙂
~What are some of your favorite products you like to use? List some of them below. I would love to learn about new products (no I’m not a product junkie, lol =) )

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