PART 1|Natural Hair| Oils that Stimulate Hair Growth

Hello everyone, how are you doing?
Did you know that there are some great natural oils that can change your natural hair life? Well in this video I will be discussing Carrier Oils and Essential Oils that are known to stimulate hair growth. So if you want to boost your hair growth then watch this video (Part 1).


Watch Part 2!!

Hope it’s helpful for you!! Please share it along, thanks! =)

Castor oil
Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Jojoba oil
Grapeseed oil
Avocado oil
Almond oil
Vitamin E oil
Argan Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Please share your thoughts down below. Thank you so much for watching!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “PART 1|Natural Hair| Oils that Stimulate Hair Growth

  1. jamaicanatural says:

    This video was super helpful for me! I’m currently documenting my hair journey on my blog and I’m trying to grow out my hair. I’ll definitely be checking out some more oils (even though my hair isn’t such a huge fan of oil)


    • ResilientnBlessed says:

      Hi, I’m so happy that this video was helpful for you. I will definitely go and check out your blog. Thanks for taking the time to do so. Yes, give some of the oils a try and keep me update on your experience. =)


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