PART 2|How to Build a Natural Hair Care Regimen


Hi Guys! So hopefully you saw my previous post on Part 1, How to Build a Natural Hair Care Regimen. In this video, I will discuss with you how to build or create a natural hair care regimen. I know for some, being natural or returning to natural is a new exciting experience. So hopefully today, my advice can help you determine what you can do to make a natural hair care regimen specific to your natural hair needs.

Here is a copy of how I made my natural hair care regimen from 2014-present
New Document 12-Oct-2015 16-37-31 Page 1
-Feel free to use it as an example if you would like.

~Please be sure to watch PART 1 If you missed it.
♥PART 1 | How to Create a Natural Hair Care Regimen║ResilientnBlessed

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Thank you so much for watching!!
~Do you have a natural hair care regimen? Want to share it? I’d love to learn about how it differs.

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