How to Co-Wash Natural Hair

Hey naturalistas!! So I thought it would be important to discuss with you a very important component in my natural hair regimen. Natural hair can get really dry, well at least mine does at times. I found that one of the best ways to combat that is to include weekly Co-washing sessions.

Now what is Co-washing? Co-washing is Condition-washing, lol. Some conditioners on the market has cleansing agents in ingredients so it has the ability to clean your hair just enough to remove oils and dirt without overly drying out your curls making it frizzy and prone to breakage.

Co-washing can be done with a conditioner or cleansing cream. (Co-washing) is done by massaging your scalp & hair clean with conditioner or cleansing cream instead of shampoo.

✰ Have you tried Co-wash in your regimen? If so, what is your favorite product to Co-wash with?

✰How often do you Co-wash your hair?

I have included a demo, so please watch this video!


➢ As I Am Coconut cleansing Cowash

➢Shea Moisture cleansing conditioner

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