Natural Hair| Flexi Rod Set

Hey beautiful people!!

I love my heatless curls. Lots of times, natural girls want to achieve a cute, long lasting hairstyle but struggle to get the exact look they were looking for. There are so many different ways to get beautiful heatless curls and I will be honest. I never even thought most of them were possible. For example, one can get cute curls by flexi rods, perm rods, curlformer sets, paper bags set, paper towel set, foil paper sets, straw sets…anymore? Please share them below.

I’m so excited because I was able to record my first successful flexi rod set. So if you are interested in watching, please check this video out here.

‣Lotta Body with Coconut & Shea Oils Wrapping Foaming Mousse
‣Flexi Rods
‣Eco styler gel olive oil
‣Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk
‣Denman Brush
‣Wide tooth comb
‣Extra Virgin Coconut oil

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