♥How to: Groom & Shape Eyebrows

So they say that eyebrows help frame your facial features, right? I believe so. If you don’t want to wear lots of makeup but you need to look refreshed. Nicely done eyebrows will do the trick in my opinion.

Just for a little background, growing up I’ve never really had thick eyebrows. While I was in high school I began to get my eyebrows waxed. It was nice but somehow, most visits to the salon, my brows were so thin. I didn’t like that too much.

It wasn’t until I found youtube that I learned of filling in eyebrows. So from then on to present I have been doing my eyebrows on my own. The last time I got my eyebrows done (waxed) was April 2011.

I decided that after so many people complimenting my eyebrows and asking about them that I would share how I groom them and maintain the desired shape. Here is a pictorial of the process.


  1. Outline brows with white eyeliner pencil to aid in getting the shape you desire
  2. Outline both brows, get them as symmetrical as you can. Remember, eyebrows are “sisters, not twins”.
  3. Use an eyebrow razor, remove hair from the top of brows, to get a freshly done appearance.
  4. Use the eyebrow razor, remove any hairs from underneath eyebrows.
  5. Use a small scissors, trim any excess/long hairs.
  6. Use a tweezer, and remove any hairs that wasn’t removed with the eyebrow razor.
  7. Fill in eyebrows (using dark brown eyeshadow/dark brow eye pencil of choice. (SEE LINK TO CHANNEL FOR DETAILED EYEBROW ROUTINE)

If you want to see it live via video, please check out my youtube page to see the full video process. CLICK HERE: www.youtube.com/resilientnblessed1 or simply watch it here

Please share: How do you maintain/shape your eyebrows? What items do you like to use? Comment below! =)

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