Tips for Protective Styling

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Hey loves, so for most people including myself, the colder weather invites me to get into some cool protective styles. What are protective styling you may wonder. Protective styling is when you are putting away your natural hair away from everyday harsh elements. It can very well mean that you keep your entire length of hair or just the ends. It also mean that you are spending less time in your hair. Remember, less manipulation causes more length retention.

Some protective styles that you may be interested in are box braids, senegalese twists, marley or havana twists, kinky twists, faux locs, weaves, wigs, crochet braids, etc. But lets not forget that we can protective style via low manipulation styles; without the use of synthetic hair. Some examples are, buns, flat twist updos, mini twists, braid out, twist out, halo twists, etc

We all can benefit from protective styling, especially if you have a busy life style. Its a great way to leave your hair alone as far as daily manipulation and retain so much hair length and health. I love using protective styling as a way to look fly, and retain good health and length in my natural hair. Protective styles are a great way to take a break from the normal natural hair routine (to an extend). Personally, its a great way to experiment with different styles, and colors. So right now, while its currently snowing…I’m in a protective style. What about you?

Please share: Let’s get the conversation going…

What are your thoughts on protective styling?

Do you use them to help retain and get great healthy hair?

What are some of your favorite protective styles?

Do you have any tips? Please share them below!!

YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK (There’s a video you can watch)


✖Healthy Scalp

✖Moisture balance

✖Protein balance

✖Trim ends

✖Clean Scalp thoroughly

✖Clean synthetic hair (optional)

Additional tips:

‣Don’t follow through and do a specific protective style as someone else. Make sure that your natural hair can handle that style (the weight).

‣Use protective styles that allow you to keep natural hair hidden from the harsh everyday elements and allows you to moisturized your hair regularly

‣Be mindful of your edges…Don’t keep a style in that is seriously way too tight. (Tension headache)

‣Take breaks from protective styles, don’t wear them back to back. Leave your natural hair out to breathe or prevent additional stress on your hair

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