♥My DIY Whipped Shea Butter Mix

 Shea butterthumbnail is a versatile natural product. It has so many benefits for the hair and skin. I love shea butter specifically for my skin. I suffer from eczema since I was young and this has by far been the best product to combat the dry, itchy patches. My mother has bought so many over the counter products in hopes of helping my skin. If you have skin issues, then maybe you understand. 

A few years ago, I discovered that shea butter can be used on my natural hair. Wow, where have I been. This natural goodness works great on my hair. I decided to combine it with a few of my favorite oils to increase the greatness. ha ha

Shea butter is great because it contains Vitamin A, E and fatty acids that aid in healthy skin. It can treat eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, dry scalp issues, scars and sores. It can also be used as a hair  & skin moisturizer, insect bite soother and burns. It does a beautiful job in repaired damaged hair whether it be from heat damage, chemicals or straighteners by hydrating and softening the hair strands. 


1 Cup Shea Butter

3 tbsp EVCO (softens new growth, thickens hair, prevents breakage, anti-dandruff agent, adds shine and bounce to hair)

1 tbsp jojoba oil (moisturizes scalp, treats dandruff, dry scalp & dry skin, increases hair cell growth, increases blood circulation)

1 tbsp Castor/ JBCO oil (Protects hair from fungus, thickens hair, treats split ends, aids in hair growth)

1/2 tsp vit E oil (adds shine to dry hair, treats dry split ends, treats scars)

5 drops Peppermint oil (treats dry scalp, dandruff, decrease itching, moistures hair)

5 drops Vanilla essential oil (optional) (antioxidants; works as anti-aging for skin, wrinkles; contains vitamin B which is great for hair; fragrance)

Please be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel by clicking here http://www.youtube.com/resilientnblessed1 to see how I use my shea butter mix in a few of my natural hairstyle videos. I love this product! It’s so versatile and inexpensive. I think I like it mostly because you can cater it to which specific ingredients you like to you and combine them for more beneficial effect. 

Have you tried shea butter? Skin? Hair? etc?….comment below. I am curious to hear about your recipes and usage of it too.

Please share this post with your friends and family too if you feel they can benefit from this info!

Link to video is on my youtube channel linked below

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