How to | DIY Box Braids Protective Style

I love changing up my hair so frequently that its a problem. I usually like to keep my hair in hairstyles that are low manipulation such as in buns, 2 strand twists, 3 strand twists, flat twist up dos, etc. I have a more recent blog post dedicated to “Tips for Protective Styling”. So please read that post if you haven’t already. Can anyone relate? Comment below.

I enjoy protective styles because it gives me a break from my hair. Since embarking on my natural hair journey, my hair gone through so many changes. From thin to thick (thanks to the Nature’s Bounty Hair & Nails gummies) I have a detailed 3 month review on my youtube channel. I can’t forget to mention, thanks to my natural hair care regimen too!! (I have several videos on my youtube channel as well). My hair has flourished throughout the 2 years I have been completely natural.

Protective styles are a great way to show creativity, versatility and experimentation. I love it. My most recent protective style are the Box Braids. I love love box braids, they are so much fun to wear and you can do so many different and creative hairstyles with them.

If you enjoy box braids but refuse to sit for hours at a salon to get them installed then maybe my tutorial will be helpful for you. You…yes you can do it on your own.

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Xpresssions, Jet Black Color 1 (3 packs)

➨Creme of Nature Perfect edges


➨Wide tooth comb

➨Creme of Nature Argan Oil Anti-Humidity Gloss & shine mist


🔹Xpresssions, Jet Black Color 1

🔹Natural hair was washed, deep conditioned, moisturized and stretched prior to install

🔹Hair was cut in half (at the rubber band) and stretched

🔹I used 3 & some of 4th pack

🔹9 hours to complete

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