How to make a Full Wig with Lace Closure

Hey!! Want to learn how you can indulge in protective styling using wigs? I love wearing protective styles to help retain length and promote health hair. Wigs are fun because you can instantly change up your look and play around with different styles and colors.

Just to give you some information about myself, I am not a professional hairstylist. I am simply a young woman who see things that I like and try to recreate it. I love all things beauty (hair, makeup, fashion). Throughout the years I watched many youtube videos. Back in 2011, I  learned how to make several hairstyles, such as full wigs, half wigs, sew in weaves, braids).

As the years have gone by, so have the methods of constructing wigs. Of course, I had to learn and try the new techniques out and incorporate my own ideas.

So here is a detailed tutorial on how you can make your own full wig.



Please leave your comments: What is your favorite protective style to wear? Do you make them or install them on your own? Which protective style would you like to do next?


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