Don’t Let People Dim Your Light. Shine Bright

dont-wait-3Have you ever felt like you are constantly in situations where you feel unappreciated, ignored, and/or rejected? Those emotions enter your system and exit with a left over taste of low self esteem, depression, and defeat.

Today I want you to acknowledge that YOU are beautiful. Don’t allow those emotions to stick onto your life for too long. You are above and beyond amazing. You are worthy!

You have a light inside of you that shines so bright that when you enter a room, people must stare. Yes, people may stare a little bit too hard, but can you blame them? (not narcissistically).

Remember that you have something unique and special about you. Others may refuse to see it. But what’s important is that you see it. Do you? Don’t allow the acceptance or approval of others dictate your value or purpose in life.

Get up each morning and work on goals you set forth the previous night. You can get it all done. It may take some time, but you can do it. Time waits for no one. So don’t allow others opinions or lack thereof about yourself, your life situations/struggles, impede on your progression. You have to keep shining.

If you have been experiencing rejection repeatedly. It’s okay. Its easier said than most often accepted. Trust, I know. But rejection may be a way for you to put things in your life on pause and search for a redirection. Rejection can lead to a new perspective on life and birth a new dream.

If there’s a situation or individuals that you feel continually shuts the doors in your face. You turn back around and keep knocking. Don’t be defeated. Keep trying and you will shine so bright that they will have to let you in. #powerofpersistence

Please share your a time when you felt rejected, defeated? How did you feel and how did you overcome it?

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