Do you need a Trim?

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When was your last trim? Do you know the signs when you would need a trim? How often do you trim your natural hair?

Growing up…during my relaxer days. My stylists always trimmed my hair each and every time I would get a relaxer. So that was about every 6-8 weeks. That just so happens to be the standard time, right? Well today I thought it would be a great time to go over the significance of a good trim and some signs when your hair really needs one.


Why do you need to trim your natural hair? Well trimming your hair is a great way to maintain healthier ends. The ends are the oldest part of our hair strands and without proper care, they can become damaged. Once the ends are damaged, it leads to breakage and in turn there is a decrease in length retention.

What are some signs that you are in need of a trim?

While most people like to trim their hair on a set schedule, there are some signs that may occur at any time period and a trim might be due.

Signs that you may need a trim:

Split ends

Ends easily break off

Single Strand Knots

Increased tangles

Increased shedding

Rough, dry ends

Thin, transparent ends

Dull, limp hair


Benefits of a good trim:

Rids of split ends

●Lessen breakage

Retain length due to less breakage

●Easier detangling & styling sessions (less breakage)

●Nice full & thick hair shape


How do you trim your hair?

I am not a professional but I’ve done research and tried out different methods as you can see on my Youtube channel.

Some methods include:

●Twist & Trim


●Stretched blown out hair

●Flat ironed hair

➨Which method do you use to trim your hair?


Do you believe that trimming your hair regularly? Have you seen any benefits or none at all? Please share your experiences below. 


If you would like to see the different ways I’ve trimmed my hair in the past, please check out the following videos.

●How to Trim Your Hair while Curly | Signs that You need a Trim!  Watch it here

●How to trim your Natural Hair | Twist & Trim Method Watch it here

●How to Trim on Blown Out Hair Watch it here


Natural Hair FAQ

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Density : medium-thick

Porosity: Low



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