Are You Worried?

Are you going through lots of tough situations and its causing you to worry. You find yourself saying, "what if", "when will this...", "why", "why me". Do you find yourself always on edge, wondering when these situations will resolve, move up and out? God gave us His Word. He gave us His Word so that … Continue reading Are You Worried?

The Power of Prayer & Patience!

                                        Did you know that in order to progress in life you have to integrate Pray and Patience? I come today with the realization that you need to instill both to yield success in anything that … Continue reading The Power of Prayer & Patience!

Don’t Let People Dim Your Light. Shine Bright

Have you ever felt like you are constantly in situations where you feel unappreciated, ignored, and/or rejected? Those emotions enter your system and exit with a left over taste of low self esteem, depression, and defeat. Today I want you to acknowledge that YOU are beautiful. Don't allow those emotions to stick onto your life for … Continue reading Don’t Let People Dim Your Light. Shine Bright