Do you need a Trim?

When was your last trim? Do you know the signs when you would need a trim? How often do you trim your natural hair? Growing up...during my relaxer days. My stylists always trimmed my hair each and every time I would get a relaxer. So that was about every 6-8 weeks. That just so happens … Continue reading Do you need a Trim?

My Official Length Check May 2017

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Thank you so much for joining "The 30 Day Grow Your Curls Challenge". This is so exciting and I can't wait to see how much hair growth we can achieve. With every challenge, there is a starting point. It's imperative that we all know where we are in … Continue reading My Official Length Check May 2017

How to make a Full Wig with Lace Closure

Hey!! Want to learn how you can indulge in protective styling using wigs? I love wearing protective styles to help retain length and promote health hair. Wigs are fun because you can instantly change up your look and play around with different styles and colors. Just to give you some information about myself, I am … Continue reading How to make a Full Wig with Lace Closure